A Guide to Industrial Washing Machine Needs!

Long gone are the days when hand washing clothes in river or pond water was the only resort people had. With the technology uprising, we have fabric-specific and industry-specific washing machines to make our lives easier and cater to distinct needs. However, there are a few things that still cannot be cleaned at your home, no matter how excellent or high-quality a washing machine you have.

This is especially true for those delicate clothes, expensive shoes, or the classy carpet that you cherish and fear that your home washing machine will only ruin the quality of such items. This is where an industrial washing machine comes as an aid for giving an immaculately clean look to your treasured items.

An industrial washing machine is specially designed for a large-scale operation to ease the washing process faster with low water consumption. Not just are they deployed for fabrics, they work perfectly in industries such as medical, food processing, manufacturing, automotive, and logistics for cleaning and sanitising to make things germ-free

Let us deep-dive into the guide of an industrial washing machine and how it makes your life easier and comfortable

Washing Machine Usage across Industrial Domain

Food Processing Industry

Food processing adheres to stringent health and hygiene regulations that require them to have washers that clean the tools and sanitise or sterilize them to make them germ-free. It saves time and labour while keeping hygiene under check.

Pharmaceutical Industry

The medical or pharmaceutical industry operates with a wide range of tools and fabrics to be hygienically clean. This requirement stems from the fact that hospitals cannot afford to compromise a patient or healthcare person’s safety and health.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry such as FMCG relies on the health and safety of their workers, staff, and the customer. Besides maintaining a hygienic environment, they also need machines that can clean the tools and dishes. Even the clothing industry deploys an industrial washing machine to make their fabric bacteria-free so that the fabric does not irritate the worker’s or customer’s skin.

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry constitutes various items such as the footrest, seat covers that need a thorough cleaning, which a domestic washing machine is incapable of serving. Moreover, with time, they tend to develop more than just dust and dirt on them, which might cause infection. This is why it is vital that such items be washed in an industrial washing machine appropriate for them to ensure a germ-free cleaning.

Hospitality Industry

The Hotel Industry incorporates a multitude of operations that include mass cleaning items. These departments range from food dishes, customer laundry, shoes, staff laundry, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning, etc. With a wide area and customer-centric approach, hotels deploy industrial washing machines to ease the process.

An industrial washing machine comes with antibacterial, eco-friendly, and power-saving options to help businesses adhere to hygienic standards and give a safer service to clients.

A Peek into the Industrial Washing Machine Operation

Even though there is a variety of industrial washing machines, their type differs according to their usage. So, while a hotel might deploy a stainless steel laundry washing machine for cleaning the massive clothes, the same might not be used for rugs. The Hotel, in such a case, would use a carpet washing machine to keep the carpets across the Hotel are clean and hygienic.

Most large-scale washing machines are horizontal axes, but they can have a top-load, front-load, or side-load door feature. These machines are mounted with heavy-duty shock absorbers and are attached to the floor (concrete). This allows the machine to extract water from heavy wash loads. Many large-scale washing machines come with an automatic injection so that the consumer does not constantly have to measure detergent or soap. It allows a precise metering system to draw the detergent directly from storage barrels, and it is then injected into the wash and rinse cycle.

A large-scale washing machine comes in a stainless-steel body which makes it robust and capable of handling vibration. Most of these machines are both manual and automatic driven and are fast in operation. They have a longer service life than a domestic washing machine, and unlike them, they do not produce much sound.

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