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7 Fabric Defects to look out for a while performing Fabric Inspection
The one thing that drives all your efforts as a garment importer is to anticipate the satisfaction..
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How are Steam Boilers used in breweries?
Purchasing a boiler is the most vital investment that a craft brewery makes. Choosing the appropriate one either a steam or diesel fired boiler..
The Right Temperature, Pressure, And Processing Time Define the Right Fusing Press
Fusing machines have witnessed massive transformation and development in their specifications, especially..
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Long gone are the days when hand washing clothes in river or pond water was the only resort people had. With the technology uprising, we have fabric-specific and industry-specific..


It is never a pleasant experience to wear clothes that are fresh from the dryer but still exude a strong odour. Moreover, the current Pandemic has taken us down the road of hygiene diligently, and now a customer..


Fusing Machines are used in the garment industry to fuse a material capable of being fused to a base fabric through the process of pressure, heat, and time. The fused material should have acceptable strength..