fabric spreading machine In Haridwar

Semi- Automatic Spreading Machine

  • Spreading Machine (Size 1200-1800mm).
  • With Cutting functions and motor controlled pulling attachment.
  • (Size: 1800mm Width) With Cutting function and motor controlled pulling attachment with speed regular.
  • Elimination of manual spreading and layering of fabric which is the weakest part of the cutting room production chain.
  • Several times increase of spreading efficiency for each type of fabric.
  • Only one operator results in significant reduction of work costs.
  • Very fast spreading of matters for small serious and single production orders.
  • Spreading many kind of Knitting and woven fabric.
  • Electric Count, insure high precise record.
  • Automatic start checks control when machine is switched on.
  • Ability of program all steps in a spread according to production need.
  • Program to count spreading time and total spread meters.
  • Digital touch Screen.
  • Fabric Auto cutting without tension.
  • Automatic stop when fabric is used up.

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