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Audaces Cad Cam Software & Cutting Plotter

Audaces Digiflash (Vs.5)

The world’s most advanced technology in pattern digitization.

Digiflash plus is another audaces solution for the digitization of patterns through digital pictures.

This product identifies with the help of markers – internal marks, thread direction and outline notches, speeding up the digitization process.

With the exclusive technology, Audaces Digiflash plus enables manufacturers to increase productivity, digitizing several patterns at once. This product saves a lot of space in your manufacturing line, since it uses a flexible board hanged on a wall.

  • Includes a set of magnets developed to help the detection of internal elements.
  • Enables you to refine contours, grade patterns determine garment properties.
  • Automatic digitization ensures ease of use.
  • Pattern are secured by magnets on the board.
  • Requires a digital camera with at least 7 megapixels of picture resolution.


  • Consists of software and a flexible board.
  • Comes with a set of markers.
  • Detection of pattern‘s thread direction with the use of special markers.
  • Detection of pattern’s internal marks with the use of special markers.
  • Automatic detection of outline notches on the pattern.
  • Easy to use automatic digitization.
  • Patterns secured by magnets on the board.
  • Compatible with several brands of digital cameras with at least 7MP of picture resolution.

Apparel Pattern

Save time when modeling and grading

This CAD system automates the modeling and grading processes at your company by using the countless resources of Audaces Apparel Pattern. Create patterns with perfection, and agility, guaranteeing the quality of your goods. Make or alter patterns with only a few clicks, increasing your productivity. This software offers various grading methods, such as: automatic via table, mouse or with grading rules.

Grading on height: allow the variation of base size measurements from a graded pattern, creating short, medium, or long grading of the same garment.
Allows for the creation and modification of notches with text.
Inserts multiple notches (internal or outline), closes darts and adjusts grading.
Lets you access the library, where you can configure fabric properties, marker properties and view properties for each pattern.
Lets you create and configure shortcut keys.
Transforms a pattern element in a symmetry line, determining the unfolding of the pattern when placed on the marker.
Grades tangent, allowing the pattern (all sizes or selected sizes) to be graded on tangent or on line continuity.
Offers control points, notches and auxiliary lines that can be moved with a click.
Lets you bevel and round corners.
Contain new pattern viewing accelerators.

Apparel Grading

  • Offer various methods for grading, such as: point to point, mouse with angle and distance control, automatic or with grading rules.
  • Applies grading rules to a single point or to the entire pattern.
  • Copies and pastes gradings between points or between pattern.
  • Grades notches and internal lines.

Apparel Marker Making

It allows for the creation of markers with different fabric widths and different size grids. It lets you manually place large pieces while it automatically places small ones, it also calculates fabric consumption and offers many other benefits. In the cut order, you can indicate garments and fabrics to be placed in the marker and the system will calculate the cutting grid, taking into consideration important information such as: table width, fabric type, spread length, estimated yield, maximum number of layers, and number of colors and cuts.

Apparel Marker Technical Specifications

Lets you work with several types of fabric: Plain, tubular, with sheen, striped, plaid or printed.
Places folded patterns on the tubular fabric’s fold.
Allows for configuration of safety margin between patterns.
Determines rotation, symmetry, and fold restrictions.
Adjusts pieces for shrinkable fabrics.
Displays all marker information, such as yield, width, length and number of placed pieces without having to open the file.
Creates traces with precision and guarantees a high quality standard, from creation to end product.
Automatically calculates the cutting matrix.
Compatible with marker’s Main automatic cutting machines and with plotters of different makers and sizes.

Apparel Marker Advantages

Marker execution in less time. Saves the marker for later reuse. Possibility to modify matrix anytime during the process. Consideration for determined thread direction of patterns. Automatic calculation of fabric consumption, by weight or length. Rotation, Symmetry, and fold restriction definitions. Selection of pattern direction on the marker. Manual fitting to control modifications. Resizing of tracing width. Consideration for fabric selvage and spread points. Precise cutting of pieces. Immediate control of file history. Raw material purchase plan. Creation of work organizational procedures. Impossibility of marker mistakes. Saving of time, labour, and raw materials.

Audaces Cut Order

  • Once the models and fabrics for production are defined, the software automatically calculates the cut order.
  • This tool calculates the cut order through information such as: table width, fabric type, maximum marker length, estimate yield, maximum number of layers and number of colors to the cut.

Audaces Apparel Marker Expert

The Audaces Apparel Marker Making Expert obtains the best fabric yield among all similar software on the market. In addition to undertaking all the functions of Audaces Apparel Marker Making, this program also performs the function of automatic marker making, considerably decreasing the time dedicated.

  • Program a list of marker to be calculated during intervals when your computer is idle;
  • Simulate production by calculating costs, consumption and time;
  • Configure the print speed and quality;
  • Save time, raw material and money, avoiding errors in marker making;
  • Allows the operator to manually place large patterns and then the small ones automatically, in the remaining spaces;
  • To facilitate all the changes in the marker making, the system groups and un groups any pattern (in an interactive process);
  • The system allows manual “assisted” placement;
  • Compatible with the main plotters, printers and automatic cutting machines (optional).

Apparel Marker Queue

  • It is also possible to program a list of markers to be calculated at intervals when the computer is not busy.
  • This is very useful during breaks or in the absence of the operator.
  • Computer keeps working on markers.
  • Cutting Plotter
  • Revolutionary continuous paper rolling & cutting function
  • Particular felt cutting table design.
  • Advanced floating blade technology.
  • Extraordinary blade handle adjustment function

Automatic Leather Cutting Plotter

Items Type
Software Resolution 0.025mm
Accuracy <=+0.1%
Interface Parallel/Serial
Memory 2M
Interface Language HPGL
Control Panel LCD, touching button
Motor Step subdivision motor, USA
Working voltage AC 220V=+10%, 50HZ
Transmission Material Polyurethane synchronous belt, Italy
Fuse 5A
Environment Temperature: -10degree C 50degree C Humidity: 20%--80%RH
Recommended Cardboard 150~900g/m2

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