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Using Touch-Programmable Microcomputer Control

  • Large Screen Dot Matrix LCD Display
  • Frequency Control to Adjust the Speed
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • High-Speed Dehydration Is Set to One to Four Levels
  • Full Suspension Structure to Avoid and Low Shaking
  • The Motor Starts Running Smoothly
  • No Need for Special Foundation
  • Washing Cylinder Adopts Integrated Drum for Easy Loading
  • Automatic Opening and Closing
  • Made of High Quality Stainless Steel 316, Strong Corrosion Resistance and Durability.

Washer Extractor

Widely used in hospitals, Pharmaceutical line, Nuclear power plants etc.; Where externally dust free Environment is obtained.
Our newly designed washer extractors meets the need bacteria free and Antistatic requirements. With advanced design, well fabricated and economical to operate.
  • Fully-Suspended Automatic industrial washing & Dewatering machines in which inner and outer cylinder interface adopt a face to face mode can effectively prevent accidental damage to cloth and leather.
  • It adopts SS304 Stainless Steel panels and inner pot for longer Service life, and also much easier to be cleaned.
  • Liquid cylinder is with a special anti-corrosion treatment, Very durable. PLC Based front Display, with indicators in Digital Format.
  • The Whole washing tank system is installed suspended on the spring and damping devices, shock absorption is up to 95% and without foundation required when using. High Spin and self-suspended, Variable frequency drive. High spin with Auto Reverse and Forward.
  • It is with automatic detergent separation container, neither washing powder accumulates nor the washing additives cannot fully dissolve and then rot the cloth and leather.
  • It is fully controlled by computer, with frequency to adjust the speed, with man-machine conversation to adjust washing program, with clear LCD screen display. With failure and function self-checking system to make it easier to maintain.
  • Electric Control components all adopt high-quality component, motor adopts high-quality special motor, tranducer

Presenting a Wonderful invention in laundry, with self-Alignment, Self-Lubrication, Auto Dozing, Turbo Heating System, With 30% Less Power Consumption. The Best Solution for Huge saving on Water, Power, Space and Labour.

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