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Since 1994, Welco Garment Machinery Pvt. Ltd. has been focusing on bringing innovative concepts and better technology to foster the growth of Garment Finishing, Home Furnishing, Leather Finishing, and Industrial Laundry Machines, Commercial Laundry Washing - Dry Cleaning Machines, Pharma Hygienic-Antistatic & Shoe Laundry Machines, Food Industry Laundry Machines, Hospital Laundry Machines, Hotel Laundry Machines, Automobile Industry and Hotel Laundry Machines and many more. Our soul mission is to deliver automation using the most advanced technology, while conserving energy and resources for a brighter tomorrow; all while meeting Indian demands at reasonable pricing.

A wide selection of items for the healthcare industry and against the Covid-19 are available as well as patent technologies with accurate and long-lasting quality that help our clients’ business prosper. We feel that educating our customers is essential. All equipment is on display in our showroom, giving the client a clearer understanding of what investment is best for them. Our main focus is on resource sustainability; “Revenue generated is indeed money saved”. Our machines' recoveries and ROI are far high, and we tend to engage with our clients and guide them through what they require and follow up with them. All machines are equipped with Turbo Heating system, Ultra Led, which consumes 60% less power consumption.

Our consumers consistently praised our service throughout the previous 25 years. We have 20 branch offices around the globe to serve all of our clients' needs and requirements. Our team of highly trained engineers and specialists will investigate, assess and provide solutions to our clients’ problems, always. Lastly, we guarantee cutting-edge technology, world-class quality, competitive pricing and unrivalled.
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