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Automatic Spreading & Cutting Machines

Audaces Linea

Compact, Versatile, and easy to operate fabric spreader.

Developed to assure speed and productivity to apparel manufacturers, the Audaces Linea reveals itself as the ideal solution to make sure the industrial production process can follow the fast pace of the clothing industry.

The Audaces Linea fabric spreader is easy to operate with its touch screen display. It achieves an incredible performance with all fabric types and has a low maintenance cost thanks to its advanced electronic and mechanical systems.

The Audaces Linea was ergonomically developed to facilitate the loading and uploading of fabric, reducing the time spent when changing fabric rolls. The high quality of the materials used in its construction, the attentive manufacturing process, and the anti-collision system placed on the entire perimeter of the spreader make the Audaces Linea a unique and reliable product.


  • Fixed Catcher
  • Movable Catcher
  • Attachment to invert fabric face
  • Tubular spreading system
  • Zigzag spreading system
  • One-way spreading system (Cutting disc)
  • Spreading modes
  • One-way spreading (face-up)
  • Zigzag spreading
  • Tubular spreading

Audaces Neocut

Now, a cutting machine is no longer out of reach. Audaces Neocut has arrived!

From now on, you clothing manufacturing company can rely on another Audaces product to make you work more agile and increase your profits:Audaces Neocut Using the latest electronic and mechanic technology, following Audaces solution quality standard, Neocut uses a computer controlled cutting head that cuts 5 to 7cm compacted fabric layers, through a sharp and hard blade that moves in different directions, cutting pieces that are scheduled on the cutting plan.


  • Heat Perfoation
  • Motor kit for lateral
  • System for cooling the cutting blade
  • Control for continuous movement of the transpoter
  • Correction of the cutting blade deflection
  • Barcode reader


  • Cut height: 5 to 7 cm of a compressed spread
  • Electrical requirements: Tri-phase 400V 60 Hz
  • Pneumatic requirement: 150l/min
  • Cutting speed: 60 linear meters/min
  • Noise: lower that 80 dbA
  • Energy consumption: 20 kw

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