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Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning Machine

Fully Automatic Dry-Cleaning Machine with Microprocessor Ultra-Premium Model – with an Automatic Purification and Filtration System that de-contaminates the chemical while simultaneously removing physical and chemical dirt. This procedure aids in the development of a chemical that is nearly fresh.

(Stainless Steel Body) (Compact Size) with LED technology for significant energy savings, LCD Display, and (Electric Base) (100 % imported). The most effective solution in terms of POWER, CHEMISTRY, SPACE, and LABOR. Model Ultra-Premium

Automatic device intelligent monitoring, LCD screen shows at a glance, and is simple to use:

  • Manufactured and built with high technology; automatic control by computer, with the following features: saves power and time, is reliable in washing, can be used with a wide range of fabrics, recovery can be done automatically with frequency control, and is a totally cost-effective dry cleaning solution.
  • Filtration and purification systems are used in the circulating system, which saves energy and chemicals.
  • Many activated-carbon filters are used, which will help conserve energy.
  • Many carbon filters are used, making the filtering process quicker and more effective.
  • Under the computer is a trap that ensures no leakage and protects the atmosphere.
  • For a centrifugal filter, the drying speed is higher and the solvent consumption is lower.
  • The washing outcome is satisfactory: the fur coats are smooth and non-fading, they are not scratched, they are clean, they do not shrink or crease, and they do not shrink or crease.
  • Cassette activated carbon filter, oil purifier, to measure De-acidification, sterilisation; high-end fabrics and leather, hair-like clothes washed without degrading the threads, not to hurt the cortex, smooth, indented, not wrinkle.

Perc Dry Cleaning Machine

  • Dry-cleaning Machine that is fully closed Completely automatic PLC display with all functions operated by PLC, stainless steel body Recovery rates of up to 99.9%* are possible.  microprocessor based (with inbuilt Chiller and Boiler in built Close Body) Microprocessor Controlled and Fully Automated Complete the mechanism on the inside. For longer life and longevity, the body is made of stainless steel.
  • It is designed with refrigeration units which could easily cool and recover the device, effectively monitor the emissions and residual of carbon dichloride;
  • It also has an environmental friendly exhaust adsorption unit, that also carries exhaust into an activating agent to protect the working atmosphere and the operator's health.
  • The major elements such as roller cage, trap, distillation box, and liquid-water separator are all made of high-quality stainless with solid performance and great longevity, and it has the advantages of rapid drying, time-saving, energy-saving, and low carbon dichloride loses.
  • It has a small circumference, making it difficult to take clothing out of it.
  • Computer controller, convenient to use that makes it simple to understand and learn, to perform manual or automatic operation options.

Washer Extractor Dryer

Dry to Dry Process Sanitization, Wash, Rinse, Anti-bacteria, Extraction Dry and Sterilization

Presenting A Wonderful Invention in Laundry, The Best Solution Ever for huge saving in Ultra LED Technology. That saves up to 50% Power with Self Lubrication, Self – Alignment, Turbo Heating, Auto Dozing System & Environmental Friendly

Full – suspended state of the art MICROCOMPUTER controlled automatic machine with multi-functions (washing, dewatering, and drying – all in one machine); hence, highly recommended for saving of SPACE and LABOUR!
Made with special power saving LED technology that saves up to 60%of power compared to normal machine. This machine uses only 5-6 kw/hr. whereas normal consumption for the all the above functions comes to 20-30kw/hr.
the load vs. water is only 1:8 whereas normally it is 1:10:14 on other machine. Hence, uses almost 30% less water!
It’s controlled by frequency, always smoothly without Shock absorption is up to 95%.
The whole washing tank system is installed with shock absorber system and suspended on advanced spring and damping devices; enabling minimum vibration and very low noise due to perfect alignment if inner and outer drums to enable working without foundation.

Enables huge time and labor saving as loading and unloading of material has to be done only once
Delivers highest cleaning quality as the human handling is minimized.
The inner and outer cylinder interface adopt a face to face mode that can effectively prevent accidental damage to cloth and leather; It adopts best quality of stainless steel and best quality metal , panels and inners drums for longer services life, and also much easier to be cleaned;
Liquid cylinder is with a special anti-corrosion treatments, very durable;
It is with automatic detergent separation container, neither washing powder accumulates nor the washing additives. They get fully dissolved and hence protect the clothes and leather while retaining their original texture and properties;
It is fully controlled by computer, with frequency to adjust the speed, with man-machine conversation to adjust washing program, with clear LCD screen display. With failure and function self-checking system to make it easier to maintain;
Adopts high-quality electrical controlled component.

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