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Shoe Washing Machine

Ultimate solution for shoe cleaning for all Types

Semi-Automatic Shoe Washing

With Air Gun, Steam Gun and Foaming Gun. With special 2 brushes for Leather shoes as well. There are 2 professional brushes which do not damages the shoes and cleans the small areas as well.
The brushes are designed in such a way that there is no damage to the texture of the shoe whether it is leather, swate or any other kind of shoe.
The foaming process can be down very easily as the gun available in the machine is made in such a way. It also accelerate the cleaning in the shoe.
Complete stainless steel body so that the life of the machine is longer and durable.
The programmers and rotation can be set and customized as per the requirement of the customer.
The resources required to run the machine is less hence the efficiency is more. As it takes less power (electricity ) , labor and chemicals

dryer of shoe washing

The hook type structure is made in such a way that the shoe does not drop during the process and sticks to the hook.
The Radient dryer of the shoe washing machine is made to save electricity and to give higher production
It has cold air which relaxes the shoe. Hot air which helps the shoe to take its original new form and steam.
It has 16 pipes inside which gives combination of hot and cold air and dries the shoe properly and effectively.
It is fully automatic and different kind of programs can be set according to the usage of the shoes. For eg. Leather / swate / sportswear etc...
It has a sterilization system which makes sure that almost all type of bacterial / fungal elements are removed from the shoes.
Best way to dry the shoes. Also, it helps the shoe to look like new.
Best way to save power, space and labor.

An Innovation in the industrial shoe washing Generation. This Machine comes with the Silicon Brush which removes all types of Dirt and Pollution from the shoe. All type of Fungus and Viruses can be removed through the brush Anti-clockwise, Clockwise, Forward, Reverse cycle is in the machine. The Drier is equipped with sanitization system which removes all kinds of bacteria and Keeps the shoe Clean, also delivers excellent quality.

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