coin laundry machine In Mumbai

Double Decker Coin/Card Type Machine

  • Full- Suspended state of the art MICROCOMPUTER controlled automatic machine with multi-function (Washing, dewatering and drying) all in one machine.
  • Computer control, with automatic programs and manual programs of your choice. The working condition can be displayed on the screen directly.
  • Washing and drying work can be done at the upper and lower machine together. Improves the working efficiency, saves the space and labor.
  • The inner washing drum is designed with strong bearing structure to meet the high quality of washing and extracting need.
  • About the washer, there are cold water and hot water inlets. There are electric heating model and steam heating model available.
  • About dryer, four heating order models of your choice: electric heating, LPG gas heating & natural gas heating.

Presenting a world class invention in laundry with self-lubrication, Self-alignment, Auto Dosing, turbo heating system with 30% less power consumption. The beast solution for POWER, WATER, SPACE AND LABOR!

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