tunnel laundry machine In Mumbai

Drying and Pressing Flatwork Ironer

Fully automatic and intelligent Innovation

  • It is with adjusting motor and LS speed controller with the large controlling range.
  • It is derived by gears, reduced the twitter and noise generated by sprocket.
  • Conveyor belt is of exclusive brand which is with high temperature resistance and any – static.
  • For bed sheets, quilts , tablecloth, towel, curtain, bath towel etc.
  • Large diameter (800mm) roller drum, stainless steel, surface is Smooth.
  • Frame and auxiliary, high-quality steel carbon structures, strongand Durable.
  • Variable frequency, variable speed, according to fabric, moisture, steam supply, etc.
  • Simple control with start/stop button.
  • Sealed rotary joints prevent leakage, safety and reliability, save energy.
  • Three-phase electrical system, overload protection, voltage and short circuit protection, emergency stop swit
  • The fence and travel switch in the input part, reduce fatigue, misuse and the risk
  • Pressure roll with guiding ribbons, superior ironing quality, nomex ironing belts.
  • Presenting a world class invention in laundry, the best solution for pressing, self alignment, turbo heating system with 30% less power consumption. Available in single, double, triple and four roller.

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