Dry Cleaning Machines

Dry cleaning machines are the future of laundrex industry in India, because it can do all sort of high fashion garment and leather . Dry cleaning machines enables the use of chemicals in washing of the garments . There are two type of premium dry cleaning machines available Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine and Perc Dry cleaning Machines .Normally combination of Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine and Perc Dry cleaning Machine is kept in the new laundry and dry cleaning business so that all type of dry cleaning can be done under the same roof and which makes it the best dry cleaning machine . AURA Dry Cleaning Machines provides high recovery rate in both Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine and Perc Dry cleaning Machine , hence the running cost of the machine is very less . It is designed as per the new and latest features . The complete function of the dry cleaning machine is done through PLC , there is no requirement of human interface in the machine . The machine is certified from Awarded with International Quality Certification Services by UKAC UK Ackreditering Certification Limited . ISO 14001: 2015 , ISO 45001: 2018 and WHO - World Health Organization GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices ), Restriction of Hazardous Substances and Energy Management System ISO 50001:2011 , by UK Certification & Inspection Authority UK . The Dry cleaning machine is designed in Stainless Steel 304 / 316L which increases the life of the Dry Cleaning Machine .

Hydrocarbon Dry Cleaning Machine

Automatic device intelligent monitoring, LCD screen show at a glance, and is simple use: Manufacture and built with high technology; automatic control by computer, with the following features; saves power and time ,is reliable in washing, cab be use with a wide range of fabric , recovery can be done automatically with frequency control , and is a totally cost-effective dry cleaning solution. Filtration and purification system are used in the circulating system, which saves energy and chemicals. For a centrifugal filter, the drying speed is higher and the solvent consumption is lower. The washing outcome is satisfactory: the fur coats are smooth and non fading, they are not scratched, they are clean, and they do not shrink or crease.


Premium Model


Ultra Premium Model

An Innovation in Dry Cleaning World for All Type of Garments First Time in India
  • The automatic computer intelligent control, LCD screen display at a glance, easy to operate.
  • Manufacture and designed by high Technology, Automatic control by computer, having the feature of saving time, saving power, reliable for using and comes with high recovery , which is done automatically.
  • Frequency control, economic energy.
  • Equipped with both main computer panel and manual control panel.
  • Equipped with frequency conversion motor, which can save power.
  • The washing results are satisfied, safe ,Clean ,Non- crease, Quality of the fabric is maintained Cassette activated carbon filter , oil purifier, to test the Acidification , sterilization;
  • The high - end fabric and leather, hair like clothes can be washed without damaging the fabric does it the cortex, soft, indented, not wrinkle.

Perc Dry Cleaning Machine

Presenting a world class invention in laundry the best solution for dry-cleaning turbo heating system with 30% less power consumption, with inbuilt chiller close body and boiler and compressor for almost 99.99% almost recovery. Perc Dry cleaning Machine also has an environmentally Friendly exhaust adsorption unit that also carries exhaust into an activating agent to protect the working atmosphere and the Operator’s health.


An Innovation within Built Chiller and Boiler Close Body

  • It is equipped with refrigeration units which could efficiently cool and recover the system, effectively control the emission and residual of carbon dichloride
  • It is equipped with environmentally – friendly exhaust adsorption unit, exhaust goes through and activated carbon device, provide effective protection to the working environment and the operator’s health.
  • It is with advantage of quick drying, time saving. Energy- saving and low – loss of carbon dichloride, the main components such as a roller case, trap, distillation box and liquid water separator all are made from high-quality stainless steel, with safe performance and strong durability.
  • It is with door of large diameter for conveniently taking clothes out of it.
  • Computer controller with full Chinese display, man machine conversation makes easy to understand and learn, and optional manual or automatic operation.
  • • Computer controller with full Chinese display, man-machine conversation makes easy to understand and learn, and optional manual or automatic operational.

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