Shoe Washing Machine

shoe washing machine
shoe washing machine
shoe washing machine
shoe washing machine
First Time In India An Innovation in Shoe Washing machine Available in Automatic, Semi Automatic and 3 In one Model
Technical Specification
  • This Machine is suitable for cleaning of cloth shoes, casual shoes, sports shoes and other footwear
  • Digital Control system, east to program time, adjusted according to different footwear strong decontamination, disinfection function effectively avoids footwear yellowing in the cleaning process.
  • Fully Automatic Drying Machine (6 Set at 1 time)
  • The machine applies to all kinds of footwear drying effectively avoid yellowing, fading, hardening
  • Open plastic deformation, along with the sterilization function effectively remove shoes door, and kill bacteria in shoes, so as to achieve a high degree of cleaning.

An innovation in the industrial shoe washing industry. The machines are equipped with steam gun, hot air and cold air. The sterilization system keeps away the germs, Germs, fungus and bacteria. ULTRA LED TECHNOLOGY makes the power consumption less and makes the machine more efficient.

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