hygienic washer extractor In NCR

Barrier Washer Extractor

An Innovation fully Automatic Washer Extractor for Hospital

  • Our newly designed Barrier Washer Extractor meets the need bacteria free and anti-static requirements. Utilizing the Barrier Washer Extractor and wall partition, the laundry room can be easily divided into two separates independent operating zones, via; ‘Clean’ and ‘Non-clean’ zone.
  • Launderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the loading door from the ‘Non-clean’ zone.
  • Under such operation, it effectively prevents gems, bacteria and dust from ‘Non-Clean’ section polluting the ‘Clean’ Zone. Thus it prevents clean laundry from being contaminated and get infected again after washing.
  • Barrier Washer Extractor are of advanced design, well fabricated, economical to operate, easy maintenance and of high performance.
  • They are widely used by hospital, food and pharmaceutical factories, nuclear power plants etc. where extremely strict dust and bacteria-free environment are being observed.

Presenting a Wonderful innovation in laundry, with bacteria free antistatic, self-lubrication, self-alignment with Auto dosing, turbo heating system with 30% less power consumption special design for hospital, the best solution for huge saving in POWER, WATER, SPACE AND LABOR!

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