vacuum tables In NCR

Vacuum Pressing Stations

  • Flat top ironing table with / Without easily interchangeable swivel am with buck for better ironing of smaller parts.
  • Strong and uniform suction that keep the table dry for efficient and optimum use of steam iron.
  • Special type of mesh, heat resistant cloth, silicon pad, silicon foam used to ensure better suction and dryness.
  • Optional blowing system; While suction inhales all the moisture, the blowing systems creates “air cushion “ impression of the iron on the garments and brings back their original texture. Also removes toughest creases without any shine marks on the fabric.
  • In built heaters with thermostat to keep tables dry even in humid condition.
  • High Quality powder coating ensures rust free performance and longer life.
  • Ergonomically designed pedal for very easy and low fatigue operation.
  • Manual adjustment of vacuum.
  • Power efficient and cost effective- Extremely powerful suction and blowing attained with a hi-tech motor or only 0.37kw.
  • Low noise technology.
  • Low maintenance and availability of spares.

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