infection barrier washer extractor In NCR

Barrier Washer Extractor

An Innovation fully Automatic Washer Extractor for Hospital

  • Our newly designed Barrier Washer Extractor meets the need bacteria free and anti-static requirements. Utilizing the Barrier Washer Extractor and wall partition, the laundry room can be easily divided into two separates independent operating zones, via; ‘Clean’ and ‘Non-clean’ zone.
  • will be loaded into the washing machine through the loading door from the ‘Non-clean’ zone.
  • Under such operation, it effectively prevents gems, bacteria and dust from ‘Non-Clean’ section polluting the ‘Clean’ Zone. Thus it prevents clean laundry from being contaminated and get infected again after washing.
  • Barrier Washer Extractor are of advanced design, well fabricated, economical to operate, easy maintenance and of high performance.
  • They are widely used by hospital, food and pharmaceutical factories, nuclear power plants etc where extremely strict dust and bacteria-free environment are being observed.

Presenting a Wonderful innovation in laundry, with bacteria free antistatic, self-lubrication, self-alignment with Auto dosing, turbo heating system with 30% less power consumption special design for hospital, the best solution for huge saving in POWER, WATER, SPACE AND LABOR!

Drying and Pressing Flatwork Ironer

Fully Automatic and intelligent innovation

Presenting A Wonderful Invention in Laundry, The Best Solution Ever for huge saving in Ultra LED Technology . That saves up to 50% Power with Self Lubrication, Self – Alignment , Turbo Heating , Auto Dozing System & Environmental Friendly

Conveyor belt is of exclusive brand which is with high temperature resistance and any static.
It is speed with adjusting motor and LS speed controller with the large controlling range.
It is derived by gears , reduced the twitter and noise generated by sprocket.
For bed sheets and quilts, table cloth towel, curtain, bath towel etc.
Large Diametre
Enables huge time and labor saving as loading and unloading of material has to be done only once
Delivers highest cleaning quality as the human handling is minimized.
The inner and outer cylinder interface adopt a face to face mode that can effectively prevent accidental damage to cloth and leather; It adopts best quality of stainless steel and best quality metal , panels and inners drums for longer services life, and also much easier to be cleaned;

Liquid cylinder is with a special anti-corrosion treatments, very durable;
It is with automatic detergent separation container, neither washing powder accumulates nor the washing additives. They get fully dissolved and hence protect the clothes and leather while retaining their original texture and properties;
It is fully controlled by computer, with frequency to adjust the speed, with man-machine conversation to adjust washing program, with clear LCD screen display. With failure and function self-checking system to make it easier to maintain;
Adopts high-quality electrical controlled component.

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